Each month, the volunteer members of the Command Group meet to look after the business of running York Garrison.

Maj Carlo P Jeffery
Officer Commanding
Capt Charles Hill
2IC, Recruitment Officer
Brevet Maj Robbie Sprules OHG
PMC, Protocol Officer
Capt Tom Meredith
Financial Officer
LCol Jonathan Avery
Commander of the Honourable Guard and Field Units
Capt Malcolm Sinclair
Adjutant, Padre
Lt John S Lee
2IC to Adjutant - Communications Officer
LCol Paul Murray, MGM, OHG
2IC to PMC, Quartermaster
LCol David Clark
OHG, HMH - Captain of the Henchmen
Hon LCol Lionel J Goffart
MSM, HMH, GBM - Archivist